Straight-Line Dead End Clamps

Fitting Clamping Range (inches) U-bolts Dimension (inches) Ultimate Strength (pounds)
Type Cat. No. No. Size L W
SLC-461-N none

to .46
1 1/2″ 5 3/4 5,000
SLC-461-S socket SE-1
SLC-461-C clevis CE-1
SLC-462-N none

to .46
2 3/8″ 7-1/4 3/4 6,000
SLC-462-S socket SE-1
SLC-462-C clevis CE-1
SLC-652-N none

to .65
2 1/2″ 8-3/4 3/4 8,000
SLC-652-S socket SE-1
SLC-652-C clevis CE-1


MATERIAL: Clamp body and keeper are ductile iron, grade 654512. Clevis pins, u-bolts, nuts and washers are steel. Socket and clevis fittings are ductile iron, grade 654512. Cotter pins are stainless steel.
FINISH: All parts, except cotter pins, hot-dip galvanized per ASTM A-153.

APPLICATION: For distribution deadening. Recommended for use with galvanized steel static wire and distribution conductor. The keepers on all clamps feature lifting eyes to facilitate hot line work. Available with or without socket or clevis fittings.