Water Pipe Ground Clamps

Pipe Size
WPC1-1 1/2
to 1
sol. to 2 str.
WPC1-2 1-1/4
to 2
WPC1-4 2-1/2
to 4
sol. to 4 str.
WPC1-6 4-1/2
to 6


MATERIAL: Electrical bronze casting with plated steel hardware.
FINISH: Optional cadmium plating (add suffix “C” to catalog number). Steel hardware is cadmium plated.

APPLICATION: For connecting ground wire to copper or galvanized water pipe. The clamps are cast of high strength electrical bronze and come in four types, to accommodate various wire connections. The bottom half of the clamps can be inverted for use on smaller diameter pipe. All screws are zinc plated to resist corrosion. For very corrosive areas stainless steel screws are available (add suffix “SS” to catalog number).

For connecting bare copper wire to water pipe. May also be used as a water meter shunt. Has one zinc plated set screw.