CATALOG NUMBER Boot Style Dimensions (inches)
B-01-C centered 11-1/2 3-3/8 2-1/4 2-7/8
B-1-C centered 11-7/8 3-7/8 2-5/16 3-5/8
B-2-C centered 14-9/16 6-9/16 5 3-13/16
B-5-C centered 14-9/16 11 9-1/2 5-1/2
B-1-0S offset 12-7/8 4-7/16 2-5/16 3-3/8
B-2-0S offset 14-15/16 6-1/2 5 4


Wildlife Protective Boots protect transformer primary lead wires from contact by wildlife, practically eliminating outages caused by birds, squirrels and other animals.

Boots are available in two styles, accommodating either center or offset terminal lead fittings. They are designed to cover just the hot part of the terminal, not the skirt of the insulator. Excess material can be cut off the bottom of the boot to avoid covering the insulator skirts. The tapered lead sleeve can be cut to desired length to fit any diameter of wire.

MATERIAL: Molded of gray, semi-rigid, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), approximately.080 thick. The gray color allows it to blend with the sky and the color of the transformer housing. This material is highly resistant to arc tracking and damage from ultraviolet attack, weather extremes, salt spray, industrial corrosives and air-borne abrasives such as sand. It will not support combustion. It remains flexible to -20°F and withstands up to 212°F without sagging.

DIELECTRIC RATING: 300 volts per mill. Minimum dielectric strength of 20KV.