Ductile Iron Ground Rod Clamps

Rod Diameter
RC-58G 1/2-5/8 6 sol. to 1/0 str.
RC-58GW 1/2-5/8 6 sol. to 2 str.
RC-34G 5/8-3/4 6 sol. to 1/0 str.
RC-34GW* 5/8-3/4 6 sol. to 2 str.


MATERIAL: Clamp body is ductile iron, grade 654512. The bolt and nut are steel. The washers are brass and/or stainless steel.
FINISH: Body is hot-dip galvanized per ASTM A-153. The bolt and nut are galvanized. The brass retaining washer is tin-plated.

APPLICATION: For use with galvanized ground rods. The RC – 58GW and RC – 34GW are recommended for use with copper ground wire. They feature tin-plated brass and/or stainless steel retaining washers which effectively separates the copper ground wire from the galvanized clamp body. This design minimizes bi-metallic galvanic corrosion and increases clamp performance.